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Breast implants are no more exclusive for celebrities

Breast implants are an increasingly common surgical procedure that involves the implantation of a medical prosthesis that changes the shape, replaces or creates a breast where one did not previously exist. These devices are usually made at least partially of silicone. Many prosthetics consist of a silicone outer coating with silicone gel in the center; however, some implants have just a silicone coating and other material, such as saline, filling the implant. A properly implanted device looks and feels like a normal, natural breast. Implants are not exactly synonymous with breast augmentation, which is done for purely cosmetic reasons. Breast augmentations done at breast implants NYC, do use a prosthetic but they are just to enlarge the breast or change the look of the breast, either because a woman is dissatisfied with her natural size or for career reasons.


Models and actresses often have the procedure done because a curvier figure often translates into more work. The regular women, and some men, who receive breast implants usually, do so for medical or psychological reasons. Some women are born with breasts that are very different sizes from each other, making the woman self-conscious and embarrassed. Women are also born with deformed breasts, sometimes due to birth defects, or they may start out with normal ones but a bad accident may leave them with very deformed or even amputated breasts.


Men too can have breast implants

A common cause of a missing breast that needs to be replaced is a mastectomy. Often the best treatment for breast cancer is to completely or partially remove the tissue. The implantation is often done at the same time the tissue is removed, but sometimes the prosthetic has to be implanted later for medical reasons since in some cases the implants can interfere with some treatments. Men can sometimes need breast surgery due to an accident or birth defect, but for the most part, transsexual men get implants to help them complete a transition from male to female. Many transsexuals find it very important for their psychological health to get the body parts of their chosen gender. Despite what is in the news about the latest Playboy bunny or actress getting bigger busts, most people who get the procedure are not doing so for career reasons or for vanity.


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